Thomas E. Söbbing

Professor of civil law with law of the digital economy

Soebbing is a German lawyer who has written fundamental works on the legal issues of artificial intelligence, outsourcing and digital banking. He also published IT law approaches to the Nobel Prize-winning Contract Theory and Legal 500 voted him to one of the Most Influential Lawyers in Business.


Soebbing taught i.a. as a guest lecturer in Oxford, Cambridge, and Liechtenstein before accepting a call from the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern. He has published 7 books and several hundred scientific articles, gives more than two dozen management lectures every year and is therefore considered an influential tech lawyer.
Before his professorship, he worked for KPMG, Siemens, Deutsche Leasing, CRIF, and Solcom. He managed larger legal departments with several teams, managed the contract with the highest turnover of Siemens AG (€ 7.8 billion), conducted negotiations with hundreds of companies (including ¾ of all DAX companies) and was thus included in the General Counsel Powerlist.
Soebbing studied law in Münster, at one of best law schools in Germany. He worked for Professor Thomas Hoeren, the leading Voice of IT-Law and pass his PhD at the University of Siegen. He completed the LLM from University of Duesseldorf with a study visit to the University of Washington and finished programs in Harvard, Oxford, Shanghai, and St Gallen.