Soebbing published half a dozen books and several hundred articles. His works are mainly concerned with IT law, banking law, innovation law and international legal issues.

Among his most significant works certainly include the “Handbook IT Outsourcing” (4th Edition 1200 p.) and his work on the “Fundamental issues of artificial intelligence” with a foreword by Professor Spindler (High Level Expert of the European Commission).

His articles deal with distributive innovations such as Algorithmic Trading, Blockchain, Negative Interest Rates, the Contractual Theory of the Nobel Prize 2016, Genetic Engineering, Ecology Law, Microtargeting, Brexit, DarkNet, Space Law and many IT Business Models.

Professor Bartsch praised his publications in various places, while Professor Hoeren even describes his groundbreaking work on IT law as “a big hit”, Professor Schneider sees him as a “Most Innovative Lawyer”.

He also published in or about USA, UK, CH, RUS, Israel, India & China. His works are also appeared in journals like the Wall Street Journal, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Handelsblatt, Indian Journal of Law and China IP Law. For example, see Roland Vogl of Stanford Law School says his article on the Current Issues in German IT law is “very informative”. His colleague Henry Smith of Harvard Law School believes his “list of publications is impressive” and Marco Corradi of Jesus College, Oxford, think he is “a lawyer with an outstanding reputation.”

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